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March to November Dialer Program

What it is

To ensure our Democratic 1st District candidates have the best data against Speaker Paul Ryan, we are implementing a predictive dialer program to reach voters in Wisconsin's 1st District. 

Why its important

We know the difference accurate, reliable data can play in a campaign. It was a game changer for President Barack Obama's historic victories in 2008 in 2012. 

This program will provide the candidates updated voter information about their what matters most to the voters.

Using a predictive dialer increases the number of conversations our volunteers have with voters. Instead of spending your time dialing, listening to the phone ringing only to hear their voicemail, you spend your time actually talking with voters.

How it works

You will log in to a website from your computer or tablet, and the website will dial voters in Wisconsin's 1st District. Their names, as well as the script to use during your call, will all appear on the screen. You will click buttons to record their answers to the questions on the script.

Your phone number will not appear on the voters' Caller ID's, so you won't have to worry about getting return calls.

If you don't have a computer or tablet, you can still use the dialer system right from your phone.

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