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Steil File - Friday, April 4

Since March 27, the House has cast 27 votes. 9 were non-party-line, 9 were procedural, and 9 were party line votes of some substance. Steil voted with the Republicans 13 of 18 times (with 3 of those dissents being votes on the journal: RC 136, 139 and 143).

The biggest issue the House dealt with during the first week of April was HR 1585, the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA). To his credit, Steil did vote to support the VAWA on final passage (RC 156, April 4). He was one of only 33 Republicans to vote for it. And he was one of the 23 Republicans to support efforts by Maxine Waters (D-CA) to create grants to help college campuses prevent violent crime (RC 149, Apr 3). That’s two good votes this week.

But before that, Steil voted FOR a motion to recommit by Elise Stefanik (R-NY) that would undercut many of the provisions of HR 1585. (RC 155, Apr 4).

On the substantial stuff, Steil voted consistently with President Trump. He voted AGAINST removing US forces from Yemen (RC 153, Apr 4, SJ Res 7). Steil voted FOR a motion to recommit by Michael McCaul (R-TX) condemning the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement seeking to pressure the government of Israel (RC 152, Apr 4)

Steil also backed Trump on his efforts to take away health care from millions of Americans (RC 146, Apr 3, H Res 271) and supported Trump’s efforts to prevent trans-gender individuals from serving in the armed forces (RC 135, Mar 28, H Res 124). Congratulations to Republicans Brian Fitzpatrick (PA), Trey Hollingsworth (IN), Will Hurd (Texas), John Katko (NY) and Tom Reed (NY) for voting against bigotry.

And last, but hardly least, Steil voted AGAINST the Paycheck Fairness Act (HR 7, RC 134, March 27). And, he voted for an amendment by Virginia Foxx (Crackpot-NC) that would discourage attorneys from taking pay discrimination cases (RC 133, Foxx motion to recommit, March 27)

Steil, along with all other Republicans, voted against considering the Violence Against Women Act (RC 144 and 145, Apr 3), against considering the resolution on Yemen (RC 140 and 141, Apr 2) and against considering the Paycheck Fairness Act (RC 130 and 131, March 27)

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