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Chair - James Foss (Rock County) 

1st Vice Chair - Grace C. Allen (Racine County)

2nd Vice Chair - Joel Jacobsen (Racine County)

3rd Vice Chair - Colin McKenna (Racine County)

4th Vice Chair - Kyle Flood (Kenosha County)

Treasurer - Mary Jonker (Milwaukee County)

Secretary - Max Winkels (Kenosha County)

State Administrative Committee Representative - Sally Simpson (Kenosha County)

State Administrative Committee Alternate Representative - Marlene Ott (Milwaukee County)

Alternate to Chair for State Administrative Committee - Jim Brownlow (Waukesha County)

Platform and Resolutions Committee Chair - Carmen Ayers (Racine County)

Platform and Resolutions Committee Members At Large - Karen Erb (Kenosha County), Casimir Rodriguez (Kenosha County)

Kenosha County Dems Chair - Lori Hawkins

Milwaukee County Dems Chair - Chris Sinicki

Racine County Dems Chair - Kelly Gallaher

Rock County Dems Chair - Shawn Reents

Walworth County Dems Chair - Ellen Holly

Waukesha County Dems Chair - Matt Mareno

1st CD Young Dems Chair - Sam Wunderle

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